GPS Utilization Information


Acceptable GPS Functional Requirements for TRIP Towers to Use in TRIP Incident Verification Documentation Support

The Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) has agreed to allow presentation of certain Towing and Recovery Incentive Program (TRIP) incident verification documentation obtained from tower company global positioning systems (GPS) to TRIP managers during an appeal. Requirements associated with such verification documentation is listed below. Please send questions to [email protected].

  1. The GPS must track all vehicles included in TRIP documentation
  2. The GPS should have an identifying mechanism that can match timestamps to the vehicle (i.e., it should be clear that GPS timestamp is for the support truck that was on scene and not generic)
  3. The GPS must be real-time (accurate to 2 or fewer minutes)
  4. The GPS must have accurate location information (accurate to within 50 feet)
  5. The GPS must be capable of storing the required timestamp and location data for a minimum of 45 days
  6. The system must prohibit any altering or editing of the data for any reason
  7. The documentation exported from the system for TRIP incident verification must contain at a minimum:
      • Location (latitude and longitude)
      • Timestamp
      • Specific Vehicle
  8. The documentation provided to TRIP managers via [email protected] for TRIP incident verification must come directly from the software. Sensitive information not pertaining to TRIP incident verification may be redacted, if necessary.
  9. All GPS and corresponding documentation must be preapproved before use as TRIP incident verification
      • Multiple file formats such as .pdf, .jpg, .csv will be accepted
      • To get pre-approval each towing company should send a sample copy of the timestamp and location output to [email protected].

The following GPS have been approved:

      • Budget GPS
      • FleetHoster
      • Samsara
      •  Tow Book

Please send questions or requests for GPS consideration to [email protected]

View the PDF of the requirements