Traffic incident management (TIM) teams allow first responder and public safety personnel to meet and focus on coordinated efforts for detecting and removing incidents to restore traffic capacity as safely and quickly as possible.

The TIME Task Force and GDOT established 15 TIM Regions across Georgia to help the TIM community meet regularly with their peers to network, share experiences and lessons learned in a safe and secure environment, and collaborate to deliver safer TIM activities for travelers and responders. Each region has an established TIM Team as shown on the map below. There are approximately 35 additional TIM Teams throughout Georgia led by local TIM Champions.

GDOT also established 4 statewide TIM services (STIMS) areas in Georgia in which GDOT provides support to the 15 TIM Regions and others by dedicating a TIM Area Analyst in all four areas. Area Analysts plan and facilitate or assist with TIM Team meetings, deliver TIM-related training, coordinate response efforts and plans with local responders, facilitate after incident reviews and major incident debriefings, and provide data and support to responders throughout Georgia. Note below the assigned analysts and how to contact them.


Want to join a TIM Team?

To join a TIM Team or speak with one of our analysts, please email TIMteams@dot.ga.gov and let us know which city/county you are located in. We will ensure the appropriate area analyst pictured below reaches you to assist.

For more information, please use the contact form.

TIM Regions

View the videos below to learn about the different TIM programs across the state!