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  • TRAIN. Membership in the TIME Task Force allows staff to be eligible for discounted or in some
    instances complimentary workshops, classroom & online training courses, field
    exercises, and certification programs.
  • INFORM. The TIME Task Force provides members with public outreach materials and assistance to
    get the word out in their communities about traffic incident management, “Move
    Over”, “Steer It, Clear It”, and what motorists can do to make incident scenes safer.
  • MEET. The TIME Task Force provides countless opportunities throughout the year for its members
    to connect and collaborate. Participate in various events during the year, such as the biennial conference (paid) and quarterly meetings (free).
  • ENGAGE. Forming a TIM Team with your emergency and incident response partners can improve
    the communication, coordination, and cooperation necessary on a local level for
    safer, quicker incident clearance. The TIME Task Force offers support to help you form and maintain
    a local TIM Team.

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