Spring Break brings an influx of drivers to the roads, all with two common goals—enjoy their vacation and arrive safely at their destinations. Running through the following steps before hitting the road can help ensure smooth sailing into a relaxing week.

Check the basics

  • Ensure the air conditioning in your vehicle works, especially if traveling to a hot area.
  • Check the tire pressure and tread and confirm that the spare tire is ready if needed. No spare? Always keep a can of aerosol tire inflator in the trunk and periodically check that it’s within the expiration date.
  • Refill necessary liquid levels, such as coolant, oil, brakes, etc.
  • Test the wiper blades to ensure they can handle potential heavy rain.
  • Confirm headlights, taillights, and signal lights work.

Plan ahead

  • Check weather conditions and traffic forecasts to choose an optimal route ahead of time.
  • Look up speed limits and local traffic laws in unfamiliar areas.
  • Identify potential safe stopping points and bring plenty of snacks and water, especially if travelling with young children.

Prioritize safety

  • Stay alert for other motorists and responder vehicles.
  • Ensure young children are in car seats and enforce seatbelts for all passengers.
  • Take time to rest and switch drivers if needed.
  • Never drive distracted; keep your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel.

Keep these safety tips in mind to help ensure all travelers arrive safely and quickly at their Spring Break destinations this year. Have fun and stay safe!

Source: NHTSA