Vehicle Safety Recalls Week (March 6-12)

Spring Daylight Savings Time is nearly upon us, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is hosting Vehicle Safety Recalls Week to remind drivers to not only move their clocks forward but also make them aware of potential recalls for their vehicle. The Georgia TIME Task Force encourages all drivers to regularly inspect their vehicle and check for recalls that might affect them to keep everyone safe on the roads. Visit and enter your vehicle’s 17-digit Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to see if there are any notices. You can also sign up for recall alerts to stay on top of any future recalls for your vehicle.  

If you do not know where the VIN is located, look on the windshield of the driver’s side of your vehicle to see it. The VIN can usually also be found in other locations as shown. Vehicles that are under a safety recall should be repaired as soon as possible (or per the given recommendation) at your nearest dealership. All recalls are fixed for free, so do not hesitate to take in your vehicle for recall resolution. It could potentially save your life or someone else’s!  

To learn more about the program, visit and stay on top of any recalls!