American Towman, a national magazine for the towing industry, sponsored a national parade for all First
Responders to bring recognition to the Move Over Law. The journey started in June of 2017 where a
“Spirit” Casket leads the processional paying tribute to the First Responders who paid the ultimate
sacrifice working the white line on our Nation’s highways. On May 2, the ride came to Morrow, GA where
Georgia State Patrol, HERO, Clayton County Fire and Police, Morrow Fire and Police, Atlanta Police and
10+ towing companies joined together to honor the Spirit Casket. After taking the pledge and paying
recognition, all formed their police cars, HERO trucks, fire trucks and tow trucks to drive from Morrow thru
Atlanta to Gwinnett and ending in Athens, GA.

The day was a great success and sobering moment to remember those we have lost in each discipline!