When the TIME Task Force formed in 2002, its focus was to promote quick clearance in metro Atlanta. TIM Teams were built, and TIME’s success was evident in improved clearance times and the reduced likelihood of first responders being struck-by.

TIME’s success in metro Atlanta caused agencies in other areas to take note and mimic its activities. A Georgia TIME Task Force logo was created. And yet this updated logo didn’t really reflect the statewide reach of the Georgia TIME Task Force.

For 2017, a completely new logo was created. Gone are references to the interstates in and around Atlanta, and in their place is a subdued image of the state of Georgia encircled with a clock face.

We hope you like the new logo. In preparing for TIM Team meetings or other TIME-related events, it’s our hope you’ll use it to bring polish to your invitations, sign-in sheets, emails and PowerPoints.