Since the early days of the TIME Task Force, the concept of Traffic Incident Management (TIM) teams has been an important part of the statewide effort to improve responder safety and quick clearance on our roadways. TIM teams across the state have improved responder awareness in the key aspects of safe scene operation, traffic management and aggressive roadway clearance, all while developing relationships within the local response community.

The regional TIM team concept is simple: get local responders from every discipline together on a regular basis to discuss roadway projects that affect incident response in their area, review recent incidents to identify best practices, define training needs and conduct inter-agency classes and practical scenarios. Most importantly, develop relationships across all disciplines to foster an understanding of each other’s priorities and responsibilities while on scene.

Georgia currently has eight regional TIM teams functioning at various levels of development: Augusta-Richmond County, Bartow County, Cherokee County, Cobb County, Henry County and Gwinnett County. Finally we are excited to begin working with our most recent county and their area agencies, Macon-Bibb County.

TIM teams play an integral role in traffic incident management across the state of Georgia, if your region hasn’t established a TIM team, be the champion and start the process…you’ll be glad you took the initiative. For more information on, or assistance with, TIM team development, contact Hawk Hagebak at [email protected] or 678-730-7426.