Our Mission


HERODevelop and sustain a region-wide incident management program to facilitate the safest and fastest roadway clearance, lessening the impact on emergency responders and the motoring public.


Our Purpose

The purpose of the TIME Task Force is three-fold:

1. To continue the dialogue on ways to improve inter-agency coordination and cooperation.

2. To create an opportunity for multi-agency training which promotes teamwork.

3. To serve as a platform for participants to develop common operational strategies and a better understanding of other agencies' roles and responsibilities.



TruckDid You Know...over 50% of the congestion in the Atlanta region is caused by non-recurring incidents. Incident management increases the operating efficiency, safety and mobility of the highway by systematically reducing the time to detect and verify an incident occurrence; implementing the appropriate response; safely clearing the incident while managing the affected flow until full capacity is restored; and providing motorists with enough information about the incident to make knowledgeable decisions.